4 new tools to discover our new 2018-2019 school collection

4 new tools to discover our new 2018-2019 school collection

The new 2018-2019 school collection is finally here!
This year, the W. Maxwell design team wished to make browsing through the collection even more enjoyable. We have revised our website and added 4 new practical tools to help you choose your favourite agenda.
You can start the exploration of the collection right now here.


1. Search by format and colour

Are you looking for an agenda with a week-to-view layout, a blue cover, and a large format? You can find it in an instant using the search tool to the right of the page. It will filter and display the agendas by page layout, size, and colour.


2. Visualize the pages inside each agenda

To allow you to peek inside the agenda and see how it is organized, page by page (day, week, notes, and monthly calendars if present) we added a video for each product page. (The agenda in the video below is the blue Gama-E)

animation de l'intérieur - agenda gama scolaire


3. Buy a specific model in store or online

From now on you can find out which retailer offers your favourite model and colour directly on the product page.
As soon as the agendas will be available to buy online on the retailer’s website, you’ll find the direct link to the product under the tab “Buy online”.


4. See all of our retailers

For a more comprehensive look, on the page Where to buy, you’ll find the complete list of our retailers in alphabetical order and the links to their websites.

For any other question, don’t forget that you can contact us by email, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

Happy exploration!