How Can a Paper Agenda Help you in 2016?

How Can a Paper Agenda Help you in 2016?

It’s obvious that technology has modified our relationships with each other, with work, and with our own lives. There are countless applications to optimize our time, digital agendas, and many “to-do lists.” Despite all these improvements, the debate between the “pro-technology” and “pro-paper” factions rages on, and is now taking a new turn. The paper agenda is back in the spotlight and is becoming more and more popular! Because, yes, 2016 is the year of authenticity. In this return to basics, we’re trying to find our balance, and to face this challenge, the paper agenda is our best ally.

Paper prevents procrastination

Today, we’re all running a race against time. We’re smothered by solicitation: combine messages, notifications, the continuous flow of information, and the balance between our personal and professional lives. This can easily turn into chaos. With all of our communication tools, it’s quite easy to get carried away reading news, emails, and other messages on social media. Picking up a pen and paper is the first step towards change. The white sheet has true power: it helps you to channel yourself. With a simple pen in hand, we can think without limits, scribble, and start again. This journey of reflection lets us see more clearly and thus better organize our thoughts. When we concentrate more, we can better identify our needs, and our thinking is more inspired than when it’s surrounded by powerful yet distracting technological tools.

The paper agenda: your best ally

The paper agenda can help us better manage our lives. We may not always realize it, but it has many advantages:

  • Simple: You no longer need several applications, it’s all combined in a single book.
  • Fast: You never lose an idea or miss an appointment, since it’s always there, right at your fingertips.
  • Accessible at all times, without batteries, without connections: whether it’s at the bottom of our bag or sitting on our desk, the agenda doesn’t turn off, and it’s ready to collect information without interruption.
  • Easy: At a glance, you can see the schedule for your day, week, or month, as well as all of the keywords related to it.
  • Customizable: Write your appointments in different colours by choosing symbols and codes that work for you.

Your paper agenda will quickly become a very personal object that reflects your personality, where all your projects and significant moments are stored. Agendas can be kept for your entire life to keep a record of each year.

It’s the combination of all these elements that gives the paper agenda an essential place in managing our time and our priorities. Some people are better at managing their time than others, and they have no other secrets besides organization. To that end, having a single agenda for your personal and professional life will help you immensely. It will prevent oversights, double bookings, and waste of time. That’s the advantage of a single tool. In addition, by writing down your priorities each day, you can track the progress of your projects. Finally, the paper agenda will follow you every day, updated with your new encounters and your new ideas. Over time, it will let you focus on your essentials and your goals, and it will never let you down. Today, it’s everything you need!