Choosing a Planner: Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before your Purchase

Choosing a Planner: Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before your Purchase

You are in the stationery section of your favourite store, surrounded by agendas: dozens of models, colours, and styles… But how do you choose the one that is right for you? Buying the perfect agenda isn’t easy. It will play an important role in your life and your planning for the upcoming year. Here are 6 questions that will help you to define your needs.

Where will I use my planner?

If you are always on the move, you will probably want to bring your agenda wherever you go. Thus, it has to fit into your bag and not be bulky. In this case, consider a pocket-size planner. If you work mostly from a desk, you’ll have the luxury of being able to choose a large format. However, you can also opt for using both at the same time: a small agenda that follows you everywhere and a large one for when you are sitting at the office or at home.

Daily or weekly planning?

An essential consideration in the choice of your planner is the way you like to organize your days and tasks. A full page for each day will give you plenty of space to write notes, daily goals, and reminders. However, if your agenda is mostly a tool for scheduling appointments, being able to view the whole week at once can be more adequate for your planning style.

Which type of cover and paper do I need?

The choice of the right paper is very important. Do you like to write with felt pens? Check the thickness of the paper in your agenda. Some planners have pages made of thin paper that will let the ink through, while others offer a thicker paper that will avoid this inconvenience.

Do you often write on the go?

A hard cover will provide a surface to support your writing if you have no desk available. If you like to be able to bend your agenda, a soft cover will be more practical.

Which extra features can help me?

Do you tend to accumulate many small documents in your planner? Business cards, bills that have to be kept, a photo that you particularly like? Two extras can be very useful: an elastic band that allows you to close the agenda, and keep it closed when you carry it around, stopping your small documents from falling out. And, even better, an interior pocket where you can store whatever you need.

Which colour resembles me more?

Are you a creative type? Or you simply can’t bear when everything around you is grey in February? A planner in a vivid colour would be ideal. Would you rather have an agenda that can blend with everything? Then a more subdued colour is for you. Your planner will quickly become a very personal object, it should reflect who you are.

What is my budget?

Now that you know what you want, your budget will influence your final choice. There are planners at every price. By identifying a range of prices, you will be able to target the right product, which will help you choose in case you hesitate between models. It’s time to make your choice and find your ideal planner. Touch the paper and the cover, see how it feels in your hands, because what really counts is that you like it!