3 Practical Ideas to Make Agendas and Notebooks Effective

3 Practical Ideas to Make Agendas and Notebooks Effective

You have found the perfect notebook or agenda…or one that is almost perfect. It has the paper and cover that you were looking for, but you want it to be more practical. There is no need to continue your search. Instead, personalize your notebook or agenda and make it more effective. To assist you in this process, here are three practical DIY ideas.

1. Create a pocket that attaches to the cover

“I rummage through my bag and take out my notebook. I search for my pen to take notes. A minute later and I am still unable to find it…where is it?” This is a typical situation in everyday life, and one that happens to us all at least once in our professional lives (and often more frequently).

Certain notebooks already come equipped with a pocket for storing your pen, meeting all of your needs. Alas, your favourite notebook doesn’t come with a pocket. Worry not; one that attaches to the cover can be easily created. Go get some paper and tape and follow these steps:

How to make a pocket for your pen

In the picture above: a pocket created for the pink Polo planner
  1. Measure the length of your agenda and cut out one rectangle of thick paper of the same length, 7 inches [18 centimetres] in width.
  2. Cut a second rectangle of paper, about 2,5 inches [6,5 centimètres] wide and 9 inches long, and fold it in two.
  3. Cut an elastic band slightly longer than the agenda. This will support the pocket.
  4. Fold the first rectangle in three, so that three vertical sections will appear. Staple the elastic band on the top and on the bottom of the rightmost section, then fols the two other section on top of each other. This way, the staples won’t be visible. Turn the elastic band to the back of the paper.
  5. Place the second rectangle of paper on top of the first. This will be the pocket that will hold your pen. Use some coloured tape to hold the two rectangles together taking care of leaving a bend in the smaller one so that you will have the space you need for your pens.

All you have left to do is to then pass the elastic band around the cover and your pocket is ready for use.

2. Print or order personalized stickers

Many decorative stickers that can be used to personalize your agenda. They can also improve your planning. You can order “meeting” or “follow-up” stickers, as well as coloured dots that help to better identify key items or actions, from our preferred stores. These stickers are easy to apply and identify and they will help you to better organize your time, and in style too!

Thousands of sticker models exist, sure to suit all tastes. They can even be printed at home. For home printing, Pinterest is an excellent source of ideas. DeSerres and Staples offer numerous label models serving all needs. It’s up to you to find your preferred source.

Stamps used in our Ulys agenda

Stickers and stamps used in the pink Ulys planner

3. Use stamps to better visualize your tasks

Another practical way to visualize tasks is the use of stamps, which can be easily applied to your agenda. Adding them means taking the time to look at your schedule so that the stamps can be better visually organized. By envisioning tasks, we get a better impression of our schedule. You can always find stamps suited to your needs at one of our preferred stores. Students can use them to easily identify when they have tests or assignments due. In a jam-packed agenda, stamps provide a quick way of seeing everything clearly. These academic supplements can be found here.

Stamps to use in W.Maxwell agendas and notebooks

Rubber stamps from one of our preferred stores