What’s New in 2017 W. Maxwell Planners? The Changes That Make Them Even Better

What’s New in 2017 W. Maxwell Planners? The Changes That Make Them Even Better

Here at W. Maxwell, we think a lot about planners. We strive to make them better every year, so we keep observing, testing, and implementing new solutions on pages, covers, and binding. In this ongoing process, we really like to receive comments from users like you. They inspire new ideas and offer us new points of view.

As our 2017 agendas will soon be in stores all across Canada (the 2016-2017 school agendas already are), we thought you might like to know what’s new in this edition. The first change below was spurred by your feedback.

A new monthly planning section

All our planners offer either a one-day-per-page or a week-to-view format, each with its specific advantages. However, for some activities, or long-term projects, it is great to be able to see the full month at a glance.

This year, the following models contain a twelve-page monthly planning section: Polo, PoloW, Gama, GamaW, Ulys, UlysW, Crono, Troi, TroiW. The section is placed at the beginning of the agenda, right before the daily or weekly planning section. Each month is displayed on one full page, with additional blank space for your notes.

You can write in each day’s cell, use a colour-coding system for recurrent activities, or add sticky notes to temporarily block a day, until your appointment is confirmed.

The new monthly planning section

The new monthly planning section: 12 pages placed at the beginning of the agenda.

Pockets for all your documents

Let’s face it, even in the digital era, we still need to keep business cards, receipts for reimbursement, or a napkin with that lovely person’s telephone number 😉

For this reason, we wanted to offer a pocket even in the models with Wire-O binding (technical note: Wire-O is the real name of the type of spiral binding that we use).

Our W. Series planners (PoloW, GamaW, UlysW, TroiW) already had a pocket, but now you can find one in EuroW and KiboW too. To make this pocket more efficient and fun, we integrated it in the front cover. The cover is made of more resistant paper, so you can store whatever you like, even your cell phone for combined electronic and paper note-taking. Once the elastic band is placed over the cover, nothing will slip out, even when your agenda is in your bag, or you cycle or walk all day.

The Cover that becomes a pocket

EuroW: The cover that becomes a pocket!

And there’s more…

There any many more changes in our 2017 agendas that make them even better planning tools. Here is a quick list of the most notable improvements:

  • more pages for notes: sixteen full pages in all planners that also have a monthly planning sections (see above list);
  • revised page layout for all Ulys and Kibo models: additional space for notes at the beginning and at the end of each day;
  • double monthly calendar in each two-pages spread for Troi and TroiW: current and next month.

We hope you’ll like these changes and that you’ll find your agenda to be even more effective.

Happy planning!