We act in two new ways in order to optimize recycling and reduce waste.

Remplacement de la couverture de plastique pour une en carton rigide

A paper and carton cover
for our Baro and Garbo models

Starting from the 2020-2021 collection, the transparent cover made of recyclable plastic resin of the Baro and Garbo models will be dismissed.

Despite the advantages of being sturdy, resistant to water and to scratches, we have replaced it with a paper-wrapped cardboard cover. The use of cardboard and paper is more environmentally friendly as these materials come from sustainable forestry practices and are more easily recyclable. With this choice, we reduce the environmental impact of each agenda.

Of course, the design had to be adapted and we believe that the new look of the Baro and Garbo is as satisfying as that of their forerunners. We hope you will love it too!

Nouveaux Baro et Garbo avec leur couverture de carton

Refills for our Gama and Ulys planners

(Paper pad without cover)

Recharge d'agenda sans couverture

“Can I buy a refill for my agenda?”

This was one of the questions that customers asked us more frequently. As a matter of fact, for the Polo, Gama, Ulys models, the paper pad can easily be extracted from the cover. Therefore the cover can be reused for the following year.

For the first time, we can now satisfy this request by making available refills for the Gama and Ulys models. They will be sold online on this site at the end of April 2020

Livraison gratuite à partir de 42 $ sur notreboutique en ligne