A tool to increase focus and satisfaction in your life

agenda de croissance personnelle : couverture du melville 2025
agenda de croissance personnelle : couverture du melville 2025

The Melville Agenda

The Melville is a time management tool as well as a tool to monitor and record the best in your life. Its purpose is to help you cultivate a positive frame of mind, integrate more gratitude into your life, and celebrate your successes while avoiding distractions so that you can focus on your own priorities.

The Melville features a printed vegan cover with a pearly sheen, our usual acid-free paper from sustainable foresty and soy-based inks. To learn more about our actions to reduce our environmental footprint, visit the page Our Values.


3 planning sections: yearly, monthly and weekly;
12 inspiring quotes;
space to mark your monthly and weekly priorities;
1 to-do list every week;
plenty of space for you to personalize.

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