Personal Growth Agendas


A tool to increase focus and satisfaction in your life

The new Melville and Leone agendas

The 2019-2020 collection brings to you two innovative agendas.
The new Melville and Leone, entirely redesigned, are time management tools as well as tools to monitor and record the best in your life. Their purpose is to help you cultivate a positive frame of mind, integrate more gratitude in your life, and celebrate your successes while avoiding distractions in order to focus on your own priorities.

In these models you will find, among other features:

• 3 planning sections: yearly, monthly and weekly

• 12 inspiring quotes

• space to mark your monthly and weekly priorities

• 1 to-do list every week

• A lot of space for you to personalize

For the making of the new Melville and Leone, we have chosen a new vegan leather with a pearly finish, our usual acid-free sustainable forest paper and soy-based ink.

Free downloads

Need extra pages for your Melville and Leone?

Download the PDF file, print it without changing the size (100%) on a letter size sheet of paper, cut along the lines, and insert in your agenda!