Rooted in the community

At W. Maxwell, we believe that each person has the power to help change things. All that’s needed is a concrete act, however small it may be.

Canal bleu

In 2008, W. Maxwell employees co-founded Canal Bleu, a collective of residents who has since carried out more than 60 clean-ups along the Lachine Canal and in Saint-Henri public space.

Film Noir au Canal

With the arrival of thousands of new residents in the Sud-Ouest borough, W. Maxwell decided to get involved in livening up the public space and creating opportunities for people to get together. In 2015, we established a free outdoor festival of film noir on the banks of the Lachine Canal. In 2019, for its fifth edition, Film Noir au Canal attracted an average of 510 cinephiles for each of its 6 nights. The atmosphere there was magical!

Biquette à Montréal

Thanks to this organisation in the last few years we have seen sheep grazing in the city. In some of Montreal’s urban parks, these endearing animals bring with them many benefits: they reduce the need of mechanical lawn mowing, thus the use of fuel and herbicides, as well as noise and nuisances for the wildlife. Moreover, they inspire in those who cross their path a feeling of relaxation and reconnection with nature. During summer 2019, an employee of W. Maxwell has volunteered as a shepherdess for Biquette à Montréal for 10 weeks.

Reach Out to Humanity

We also support the cause of access to education and care for the most disadvantaged people through the projects of ROTH, a non-profit secular organization that struck us with its integrity and the effectiveness of its approach. The mission of ROTH is to provide local communities around the world with the tools to encourage better access to health care, education, drinking water, a healthy diet, and housing.

Bal des enfants de l'OSM

New Collaborations

During the past year, we have also collaborated with the following Montreal organizations:

If these causes touch you as they touch us, we encourage you to get involved.


Committed to the environment

At W. Maxwell, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint through a series of actions.


The paper used for all our planners and notebooks is either sustainable forestry certified, or recycled, or both.

Soy-based inks

The inks used for printing are soy-based, which reduces the use of petroleum-based oils in inks.

Energy saving

Our suppliers are at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to saving energy. The presses used to print our products are highly energy efficient.

Recycling the surplus

Each year, a specialized firm takes care of recycling the paper of our unsold agendas.


Our planners and notebook do not contain any animal products.

Free of toxic products and emissions

Our faux leather is free of toxic substances (ROHS certified) and emissions (Confidence in Textiles certified).

With our 2020-2021 collection, we act in two new ways in order to optimize recycling and reduce waste after the use of our agendas.

Recharge d'agenda sans couverture

Refill (paper pad without cover)

For the Gama and Ulys, it will be now possible to buy a “refill” only, that is, the paper pad without the cover. This will allow, if you wish, to reuse the cover for the following year.

A paper and carton cover

We are reducing the environmental impact of our Baro, Baro-EGarbo and Garbo-E models by dismissing the plastic resin transparent cover, while only keeping a paper and carton cover that is easier to recycle.

Les modèles Baro et Garbo ont une couverture en carton rigide

Are our products recyclable?

If, after the year has ended, you manage to part with your planner, please note that the covers of the Mini, Mini-E, Baro, Baro-E Garbo, Garbo-E, Buro et Maxi planners are made of paper and carton: they are recyclable.

The covers on the Euro, Euro-E, Kibo and Kibo-E planners are made of a plastic resin belonging to group 5. These plastics are also recyclable within the context of the selective collection programs in the majority of municipalities in Québec and the rest of Canada.

Note: Recycling and selective collection standards vary. Please refer to the list of materials accepted by your municipality.


Inspired by tradition

Because a planner doesn’t have an easy life, W. Maxwell carefully chooses its components to guarantee its strength and to offer the best possible user experience.

Planner/Agenda Construction

For 365 days, its pages are opened and closed over and over, it follows us as we move around, it sometimes gets wet or a little torn up… and that’s normal! All its components must be carefully chosen and assembled to ensure its strength and the best possible user experience. W. Maxwell’s agendas and notebooks incorporate several elements from the grand tradition of classical stationery; we have drawn upon the solutions found over the centuries to create a time management tool that stands up to any challenge.

That’s why:

  • the pages of our planners open flat (no need to struggle with a planner that wants to close);
  • the paper is thick enough to stop the ink from bleeding onto the other side of the page;
  • the binding is reinforced by the head and tail bands, which ensures that the pages will always remain firmly in place;
  • our elastic bands are strong and don’t warp;
  • we look for the materials that are the most pleasant to the touch.

Thoroughly modern

The details are not the details. They make the design.
– Charles Eames

The details are at the heart of our design work. At W. Maxwell, we believe that a rigorous design should be the basis of any object, especially one you use every day.

It’s a great pleasure when, after a long search, we find an original solution for improving our products or a new irresistible colour.

Every year, we explore the new trends, and we are on the lookout for new inspiration. Our collections are always different, with the colours and the design evolving each year, but our planners remain true to our principles: the union of pure forms and bright colours.

All our products are designed in Montreal, UNESCO City of Design.

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