Points of sale

I am looking for a 2024 agenda, where can I find one?2024-03-31T13:25:24-04:00

Some copies are still available in some stores (eg Jean Coutu, Walmart, Bureau En Gros). You can find the list of all our retailers here.

Can I find every model in every store?2021-04-01T04:19:38-04:00

In general, the largest selection of our products is available in bookstores. Each of the other retailers makes their own selection of W. Maxwell products and will therefore only offer some of our models and colours.

When are the planners available in store?2024-03-31T13:29:13-04:00

Depending on the store, from mid-April for the academic planners, and from mid-September for the annual planners. To obtain the latest updates, please consult our Where To Buy page.

Need more information to find a planner?2021-03-30T22:49:00-04:00

Just ask us: we will be happy to help you locate your favourite planner.

Our products and us

Can I buy a refill and reuse my cover?2024-03-31T13:36:47-04:00

Yes! Since 2020, for Gama and Ulys, academic and yearly agendas, it is possible to buy a refill, and thus reuse the cover you already have. You will find them in store or online and the list of retailers is indicated in the product sheet:

What does W. Maxwell do for the environment?2021-03-30T22:46:04-04:00

At W. Maxwell we are always on the lookout for new solutions to reduce our environmental footprint and that of our products. See all our actions here.

What does W. Maxwell do for the community?2021-03-30T22:45:28-04:00

At W. Maxwell we believe in the power of community. Ordinary citizens, like you and us, can contribute to change things with their simple everyday actions. You’ll find here the causes we have at heart and our initiatives.

Why do we print our agendas in China?2021-03-30T22:44:30-04:00

Because it is in China, where printing was born, that many of the best printers in the world can be found today. We were in search of the highest possible quality for our planners when we turned towards the Middle Kingdom. China has a special place in our hearts. Over the past 20 years, we travelled there around 15 times. Our presence on the ground and the friendships that have blossomed over the years have allowed us to personally verify the working conditions. This is how we could find our little gems: successful factories at the cutting edge of technology that also comply with high workplace and environmental standards.


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