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W. Maxwell works with trusted suppliers. We have chosen them over the years because, thanks to their outstanding expertise, they help bring our ideas to life and ensure that the quality of our planners is as high as possible.

[maxtitle type=”3″ maxtitle_content=”W. Maxwell in China”]
[iconbox icon_title=”Birthplace of the printing press” iconbox_content=”It’s Bi Sheng who invented the printing press around 1045, and it’s in his country that many of the best printers in the world can still be found today. It was while searching for the highest possible quality for our planners that we turned towards the Middle Kingdom.” icon_size=”56″ icon_color=”#39b3c9″ icon_name=”fa-book”][iconbox icon_title=”Our field trips” iconbox_content=”China has a special place in our hearts. Over the past 20 years, we’ve made around 15 trips there. We’ve visited many factories and met a lot of people… in addition to tasting a few dishes made from rather unusual ingredients!” icon_size=”28px” icon_color=”#39b3c9″ icon_name=”li_food”]
[iconbox icon_title=”Our little gems” iconbox_content=”This presence on the ground and the friendships formed over the years have allowed us to personally verify the working conditions. It was in this way that we could find our little gems: successful factories at the cutting edge of technology that also comply with workplace and environmental standards.” icon_size=”25px” icon_color=”#39b3c9″ icon_name=”li_diamond”]
[maxtitle type=”3″ maxtitle_content=”W. Maxwell in Italy”]
[iconbox icon_title=”Italy: global market leader in imitation leather” iconbox_content=”When we visit the suppliers of our cover materials, we know we are going to have a good time, thanks to the humour and vitality of our Italian colleagues! But above all, it’s their impressive skill that allows them to maintain their position as the global market leader in faux leather. The imitations are numerous, but the creative energy and expertise in trends that the Italian producers possess are difficult to replicate. For that reason, we’ve purchased from the same supplier since W. Maxwell was created.” icon_size=”56″ icon_color=”#39b3c9″ icon_name=”fa-star-o”]
[iconbox icon_title=”Materials custom made for our products” iconbox_content=”With them, we have the opportunity to create customized materials to get the perfect colour and texture for our planners and notebooks.” icon_size=”28px” icon_color=”#39b3c9″ icon_name=”fa-magic”][iconbox icon_title=”Respect for the environment” iconbox_content=”In Europe, environmental standards are very strict. We therefore know that the product we’re buying has been produced in compliance with the most recent standards in this area, namely: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, REACH, and Émissions VOC.” icon_size=”25px” icon_color=”#39b3c9″ icon_name=”fa-leaf”]
[maxtitle type=”3″ maxtitle_content=”W. Maxwell in Canada”]
[iconbox icon_title=”Expertise at the cutting edge of technology” iconbox_content=”We print some of our products in Canada. We can therefore benefit from excellent paper produced in Québec with renewable energy by powerful presses that use less power and alcohol in a printing works that recycles all its paper waste. Our printer — self-taught with over 25 years of experience — doesn’t hesitate to invest in high-quality equipment that allows him to succeed in a competitive context.” icon_size=”56″ icon_color=”#39b3c9″ icon_name=”li_settings”]
[iconbox icon_title=”A strong network of collaborators” iconbox_content=”Printing in Canada allows us to forge lasting relationships with a network of collaborators. The Montréal-based binder we’ve worked with since the beginning is a great specialist in spiral binding. Our stamper — very creative — is always looking for new technologies and work methods.” icon_size=”28px” icon_color=”#39b3c9″ icon_name=”fa-group”][iconbox icon_title=”Made-in-Montréal design” iconbox_content=”The design of all our products is done in house at our offices located in southwest Montréal. Besides employing a talented designer, we have access to a great deal of experience when it comes to graphic design, computer graphics, editing, audiovisual production, etc. We’re surrounded by great people and we’re proud of our first-rate team.” icon_size=”25px” icon_color=”#39b3c9″ icon_name=”fa-paint-brush”]